Uptight – Party Time – R66-522


Front Cover

Calendar - Uptight - Party Time - R66-522 - front cover

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Back Cover

Calendar - Uptight - Party Time - R66-522 - back cover

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Track Listing

A collection of two medleys by Ross D. Wyllie and the Uptight Party Team. (Musicians unknown.) Lots of ‘party noise’ too!

Uptight was a weekly 4 hour Saturday morning music TV show on the 0/10 network that ran from 1968-69.

No Festival number at present. Was this a unique direct to Calendar issue?

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Festival was one of the major Australian record companies. After a few ownership changes in the 1950s, stable ownership occurred under Rupert Murdoch. Their first compilations were tie ins with the popular TCN 9 television show Bandstand. Festival pressed records for multiple labels, and had Australia’s biggest stable of popular talent…

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