Most Requested – NA537

Burl Ives


Front Cover

NA537 - Burl Ives - Front Cover

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Back Cover

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Track Listing

A Little Bitty Tear

Call Me Mr. In-Between

Royal Telephone
The Long Black Veil
Lonesome 7-7203
I Walk The Line
The Same Old Hurt
The Almighty Dollar Bill
The Blizzard
Forty Hour Week

Green Green Grass Of Home
I’m The Boss
Pearly Shells (Popo O Ewa)

This Is All I Ask
My Gal Sal
Cool Water
Mary Ann Regrets
Funny Way Of Laughin’

Poor Little Jimmie

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Although there were many compilations before, K-tel – initially trading as Majestic in Australia – began the trend to heavy marketing of compilations and samplers in the late 1960s…

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