Our Favourite Kinda People Vol. 2 – WG-25/5072

W & G – 1967

Front Cover

W&G - Our favourite kinda People Vol. 2 - front cover.

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Back Cover

W&G - Our favourite kinda People Vol. 2 - back cover.

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Track Listing

Ever Lovin’ Man – THE LOVED ONES
Handsome Guy – COLIN COOK
We’re Gonna Stand Up On A Mountain – ANNETTE STEELE
Why Do Lonely People Fall In Love – MERV BENTON
Put Yourself In My Place – STRANGERS
I Wanna Wear My New Bikini – MARGY BAYES
Standing Watch – TONY HENRY

I’ll Go Crazy – MERV BENTON
She Cried – TONY HENRY
More Than Love – THE LOVED ONES
Ever Since You Put Me Down – AL STYNE
He’s A Rebel – PAT CAROLL

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W & G

Based in Melbourne, W & G was one of Australia’s most important independent record companies of the 1950s and 60s. Acts included the Seekers, Merv Benton…

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