W & G

White and Gillespie Pty Ltd

W & G was one the major independent record companies in Australia. Based in Melbourne, W & G had distribution rights for many of the major European labels as well as the American Time label.

W & G started out as engineering and printing firm White and Gillespie and was subcontracted to press 78s before installing Australia’s first vinyl pressing plant around 1952. Mainly doing custom pressings for other firms, W&G set up their own studios in the late 1950s to keep up the plants production as other companies such as ARC (later CBS) and EMI set up their own facilities. Bill Armstrong and Ron Tudor – who by the late 1960s had their own studio and labels respectively – were instrumental in setting up the original studios in West Melbourne and signing some of Australia’s greatest acts such as Bobby Bright, Merv Benton, The Thunderbirds, Annette Steele, and The Seekers.

For a time in the early 1960s W & G was associated with television station Channel 9, releasing music from the hugely popular In Melbourne tonight that featured Graham Kennedy and Burt Newton. The association continued with HSV 7 and the release of music from the popular Delo and Daly show broadcast in 1963-64.

There was an eclectic house style, but something of an emphasis on Country styles that is reflected in Ron Tudors Fable and Bootleg releases. Apart from The Seekers, perhaps W & G’s biggest hit was Everlovin’ Man by The Loved Ones through the In Records pop subsidiary that also signed Somebody’s Image. W & G faded away in the 1970s as sales of vinyl declined in favour of the compact cassette.

There were at least 3 compilation albums featuring pop groups and singers of the time.

White & Gillespie continued as a printing and engraving company in the northern Melbourne suburb of Reservoir until being liquidated on 17 December 2012.

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